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Originally Posted by Miss_Mayhem
Since it is mostly Psychonauts, you should place it in the Psychonauts section of More people will be inclined to read it.
I thought about it, but there are Okage characters in the story. (Although you wouldn't notice if you havn't played the game) I'm unsure if I am allowed to post it there or not, but I might do it anyways and see what they say. Maybe putting the fiction there will incline more people to play Okage: Shadow King as well, which is a game I highly recommend, especially if you like quirky plots like that in Psychonauts (although it is not a platformer)

For those who have played Okage, they will know what I mean when I say I thought that Classification (a main theme in Okage) + Psychic elements would be very interesting in a plot line, which is what made me inclined to write a crossover between the two. I've never written a crossover before though, so I have no idea how this will sound on paper, and if it will remotely sound like what I envision in my mind.

Heh, I ramble too much.

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