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<g> Okay, I know a lot of you guys have prolly already seen this because you haunt But for those who haven't, I wrote it right after I did the censor level. It was the hardest for me and it really started pissing me off... and there's that one part with all the shoeboxes, which for some reason creeped me out. So I wrote a semi-horror story about Sasha's closed up little personality and how his mind could be interpreted wrong. Uhh... yeah.

I'm thinking about a sequel but I don't have the motivation.

And I really, really want to write something about Jasper. He's my favorite character but I can't think up a good plot. Basically I just want to have his criticizing everyone for ten chapters or something. Maybe he could somehow get out of Gloria's mind and run around like a real person... and the psychonauts coul try to track him down to put him back... and then he ends up making them all cry. Wow, I'm a genius.

Uh... yeah, sorry, I get really into fanfiction. I'll shut up now.

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