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Originally Posted by lordzack
In one of the screenshots I saw what looked like a Twi'lek on Nal Hutta. Does this mean that you'll be able to have units native to one planet in you're attack groups and garrisons on other worlds? Or are they're normally Twi'leks on Nal Hutta (I haven't fough there yet)? Also the Underworld gets the Vornskyr and Nightsister, will these require Dathiomir and Myrkr?

I've heard that Mygetto will be in the game, is this true? And I saw Underworld units over Kuat in a screenshoot, when Kuat was controlled by the Empire. No tactical battle was occuring and it was on the Galactic Map.
Not sure about the indigenous units bit, but I'm pretty sure one of the devs said there are units that depend on a certain planet being controlled. This is unconfirmed, but I think you need to control these planets for these units:

Endor - Ewok Handlers
Dathomir - Nightsisters
Myrkr - Vornskrs
Aeten II - TIE Phantoms
Honoghr - Noghri

The last two are for the Empire. I don't think the rebels have this feature.

With the Consortium units moving around, that's a special ability they have. They can bribe their way through systems without fighting, I think. And I think Mygeeto is in-game; if it is it'll probably have a big cash bonus.

Hope that helped!

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