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Listening through time was such an interesting concept. Devon's mind could travel anywhere at any time, while holding mutliple conversations at once. Right now, he was still projecting a vision to his future apprentice, despite being somewhere else. The event with her was still happening. It was like holding several conversations at once, but without any extra focus.

Ah, there I go, lost in thought again, mused the Sith Lord.

That girl - Jae, wasn't that her name? - underestimated him. He was perfectly aware that there were thoughts and valuable bits of infomration he had not siphoned out of her. But that had been done on purpose.

Let her think I can't see all her thoughts. She'll underestimate me all the more.

He felt her and her lover trying to find him, but the attempt was laughable. They thought that cloud of darkness was near his mind? Not even close. It could've taken days and maybe even weeks for them to find him. But that would only happen if he chose to permit it, and one little thought of his sent them scurrying away.

Devon moved ahead to the meeting with the Council. “Must have eaten all the ones he has in his present time," Jolee exclaimed. That old fool. So very strange that he was alive then. Revan's holocron has said otherwise. It had even showed Jolee's lightsaber on a trophy plaque.

Very interesting. Am I seeing in alternates? That would explain Visas.

No matter, the fact remained that the Jedi of old intended to pose a threat to him. How laughable! They had no idea how far his power had extended. Even the great Palpatine would have been envious.

Underestimation was valuable, but this was mockery! A demonstration was in order. Devon tore into the mind of the old Ithorian. The resistance was pitiful. Once inside, he repeated the technique he had used on Jae. Naturally, of course, it was to a much greater degree. But that wasn't enough of an example either. He reached into the alien's retina, and shut it down completely.

You can't heal if you're blind! he sneered. After what I've done, don't think the Force will compensate for you! I've left a few surprises.

But this had grown dull, and he withdrew. Let the Jedi sort out this little mess. His thoughts then difted over to what Jae had said about his disease.

She was right. He was entering the stage of it he should've experienced fifty-nine years ago. Just yesterday tests had indicated that his own blood was more harmful than helpful to him, so he had been forced to drain it in near-gallon sized guantities and replace it. He would have to do that again later on this evening. His organ replacements would likely have to go from yearly to weekly and possibly daily in the coming months.

But let her wonder. The cause of my disease is a secret I shall carry to the grave.

The meeting with the Council continued to proceed. Obviously these Jedi had no idea what they were talking about. Falsely accused of a crime, indeed! It didn't take a Gamorrean to know that once he died all his power-hungry subservients would tear the galaxy apart in their quest to rule it. Tysy could prevent all that, so she would be guilty of murder on an unspeakable scale if she refused him.

“Master Supat will work to find defenses against this Sith Lord and investigate whatever might be killing him."

Laughable. The only defense they had against him was his own mortaility. If it weren't for how the effort would kill him, he would have gladly reached into the past and sent the heads of all those Jedi rolling across the floor.

"Jae and Talin, the three of us will go to Li’adin—we’ll leave tomorrow."

Devon frowned. So the rumors were true that the species there could move through time. What a pity indeed that commander had bombed their world into slag during the war.

But this information was useful enough, and the Dark Lord broke away from the past. He left his meditation chamber, and headed for the laboratories.

"My lord?"

One of those new droids. So very useful how they could track him through the citadel to bear news.

"What is it?"

"Your latest batch of experiments, my lord. They're fresh from the vats and await your finishing touches."

Devon stroked his chin. "They are most likely not stable yet, but they should be sufficient for the task."

The thought was more addressed to himself than the droid. It hovered by him blankly, and he turned to face it. Irritation flashed across his mind. "Well? Take me there."

"At once, my lord."

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