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I was watching Star Wars synched with somebody's audio recording of the mono mix from 1977 (hard to synch because it's just an audio file playing in media player, while I can't mute powerdvd's sound stream only, so I have to just minimize it's sound and crank up MPC's sound). Very interesting. It's very "raw" you get alternate takes of lines, Beru's old voice (which sounds more natural, like an actual farm hand and not some soap opera actress, though still feminine), Vader's old voice (different modulation so he sounds more like JEJ being arrogant through a filter), some of the old lines by Stormtroopers, etc. Oddly enough the "gunshot" sounds for the ST Rifles came from this mix, and the "Close the Blast doors!" and "an interruption at one of the terminals will allow the ship to leave" etc. Even the scene of Chewie scaring the mouse droid is in there (I guess that wasn't removed until later releases).

I'm not actually all the way through it yet sequentially. I just got to the part where they put on the stormtrooper gear and arrive at the detention block.

It desynches a few times throughout though and has to be resynched up. I'd love to listen to this with a proper fan edit where it's synched with the visuals at proper volume. But still was a cool experience the first time around. Of course when I saw Star Wars in theaters, it was most like the 1981 version with "A New Hope" and the 35mm mix. Now to find the six channel stereo mix (that was released FIRST in theaters!).

There were three sound mixes, after all, and the DVDs only give us one. Well I should amend that.. actually we do get the mono mix on french and/or spanish tracks, but this dolby 2.0 (which I presume is closest to the theatrical 35mm stereo release) soundtrack for english.

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