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TalkEd v1.0.4b

I have uploaded an updated version of TalkEd, v1.0.4b, which fixes a couple of problems related to loading and saving TLK files containing very long (4000+ character) text entries, where they would get truncated instead of read and saved properly. (Big thanks to tk102 for pointing out this error.)

There were no such long strings in dialog.tlk for TSL so it would only affect long entries added by mods for that game. The dialog.tlk file for KotOR1 however did contain a few very long string entries, so if you plan on using TalkEd with that game you should get this version to avoid messing up those entries in the TLK file.

Aside from that I've fixed a few minor interface annoyances as well. The download link is in the first post in this thread if you want it.

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