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Another Chapter!!!!!!!!


Carth awoke abruptly, as he started to hear, large bangs on the door, which led into his compartment suite.

“Wazzagoinon?” he said stupidly, as he straightened up, his eyes gaining focus.

“Get up, ya lazy oaf” Came a voice. He knew that voice.

“Bas?” he said, getting up and heading towards the door. Opening up, he saw the figure of Bastilla Shan, standing in the doorway, but she was not alone.

“Smart” she said, smiling. Then looking more intently, she said “Didn’t think we were worth getting dressed for did you, eh?”

“Huh? – “Carth began, but then realised what she just said and he looked down “Oh, Shi- “ Closing the door fast with a bang, while Bastilla rang out with laughter. “Be right back” he yelled back, embarrassed.

When he changed into his uniform, he went back to the door and opened it once more, to reveal Bastilla leaning on the door, with a smirk on her face.

“Don’t even think about it,” he said to her, unable to hold back a hint of a smile.

With a shrug she said, “Don’t worry about it Carth, Haha … I wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation now would I?” and before he could get a reply in, she said, “Are you going to let us in or what?”

“First of all” said Carth “Who’s us?”

“Well, let me in and I can explain it, can’t I” she said “And, by the way, what I will and what he will tell you, will interest you deeply I should think” she added

“Well if that’s the case” he bowed, mockingly and gestured Bastilla and the other boy, inside.

“Make yourselves a home,” came Carth’s voice as he closed the door behind them as the entered. They took a seat, and Carth sat down looking at Bastilla, the bringing his intention to the visitor, he said “And, who might you be?”

“My name is Nom” replied the boy “I’m from a planet far from here … out in the area of space you call the ‘Unknown Regions’” At this, Carth’s attention focused, and he straightened in his seat. “I have come, on behalf of the wishes of Revan, whom I met and he asked me to gather, the companions whom which he travelled with long ago. There is a threat, a threat large enough to destroy the republic, and Revan needs help”

“Carth considered his words, and looked at Bastilla. “Is this true?” he asked

“Apparently so” came Bastilla’s reply

“Hmm … “Carth said, straying into a deep thought. After a few minutes, Bastilla said “Hey! You awake?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah” Said Carth, “Just thinking”

“So, are you coming with us?” Asked Bastilla

“What?” said Carth, flabbergasted, “I can’t come with you … I’m sorry Bas, but I’ve got a job to do here”

“Soooo …” Bastilla began “We will meet you at the Docking Station, in about fifteen minutes time?”
“Bastilla” said Carth

“Carth” replied Bastilla “This is more than just supervising Citadel. To protect Telos, you have to protect the Republic” Nom, admired her use of words to persuade Carth, and he also knew, that she did not even have to use the Force.

“I hate it when you do that!” He said angrily, but once again, letting loose a small smile.

Bastilla smirked “So, as I said … Docking Station. Fifteen minutes?”

“I suppose so, just let me sort it all out”

* * *

“About bloody time!” Said Bastilla. Her and Nom were sitting on the loading ramp for half and hour, when an irritably looking Carth, came around the corner carry a large bag, which he had slung over his back.

“Don’t start,” he said, his eyes glaring.

“It went that well, did it?”

“Oh, it went better than that … well, it kinda did, after I told the board that it was a problem for the security of the Republic, after I said that, they were all for it!”

“I’m sure they would’ve been”

“Anyway” continued Carth “I got the time off, I needed … so, we going’ yet?”

“Hold it right there!” came a voice

Bastilla and Nom looked behind Carth, while Carth just glanced over his shoulder. There was a tall, muscular man, with a long coat and he wore a midle expression with a slight hint of a sneer, holding which looked to be a blaster carbine. He also had a vibrosword, hooked onto his back. He was leading a group of five other hoodlums, who were walking silently behind him. All carrying modified, blaster pistols, and also had vibroblades hooked to the back as well

“Well, well, well” said the leader “Look what we have here, Admiral Carth Onasi and the Jedi master, Bastilla Shan”

“Thank you,” Said Bastilla “For that fine introduction, now … if you don’t mind, we need to get going, things to do you know” she made a hurried whisper to Nom “Hop on the ship, and quickly prep it for launch … We will, be with you shortly” Nom, feeling left out and un-important, like old baggage being tossed to the side, obeyed Bastilla and hurried into the cock pit. Looking out of the front view screen he noticed that, two of the thugs, were already down, and a third just got struck down by Bastilla’s Lightsaber, and a laser blast to the head, by Carth.

The last thug, dropped his pistol and and looked to as if, pleading to be let go. Bastilla nodded and Carth started to walk onto the loading ramp, followed by Bastilla. Nom noticed the thug, quickly double back to his pistol and aimed it at Bastilla’s back.

“No!” Nom yelled and he raised his arm. Immediately the thug dropped his pistol and flung his hands up to his throat, apparently choking to death. But Nom didn’t lower his hand, he heard quick footsteps behind and took his concentration of the thug and he noticed Bastilla looking shocked, and angry.

“It was you!” she said “Nom, never, never … “ she looked like, she was trying to find the right words to say, and not act so motherly-like, all at the same time. “That was a Dark Side power, we do not use that Nom, in time you will understand … A Jedi, does not use his or her power for Evil, for good only. That will be the first lesson I will teach you. A path of the light is never an easy one. The Dark path is a more quicker and seductive path, but it is not stronger, it is only a path to destruction.”

Nom lowered his head in shame. “I’m sorry, Master” is all he said

“It is all right,” Said Bastilla “Now, it’s a long trip to where we have to go next, so I suggest you get some rest before we get there, because it’s a long trek to our destination when we even get to the planet.”
“Yes, master” Said Nom “Where will be going?” he asked

“To Kashyyyk” replied Bastilla “To an old friend”

* * *

Meanwhile, in the outer rim of the galaxy, on the planet of Korriban. Evil stirred once more. In the tomb of Naga Sadow, where Revan and Malak once journeyed to gain the Star Map, lurked a servant of darkness. Waiting, for the time when he would hear the word to set out. For the past few months, all he has done has, train and train … gaining the full power of the Dark Side, from within each tomb … Fuelling himself, with his Hatred, and malice, and his longing destruction for all life. But soon, would be the time ... To strike down, and take revenge.

Turning off the double-bladed crimson lightsaber, he walked throughout the tomb, and into the entrance hall … where skeletons lay, from the once Sith master, who lead the academy, and the pathetic student who turned on him, but in turn, both being terminated by Revan.

Out into the Valley of the Sith Lords, walked the stranger … he knew every inch of the valley now … and as he walked, his hatred grew even more. To his ship, he walked and he went up the ramp and into the cockpit. He noticed a message had been left, ‘About time’ he thought … he pressed the button to display the holograph image of his master and listened to the message.

‘The time has come, my young apprentice. Go now, to the world in which the Exile Jonas and the traitor Revan has boarded. Yes, Revan! You may kill him if you wish for what he has done, but leave the Exile so he can do my bidding. Or better yet, make the Exile kill Revan, he was once his friend, and that would see whether, Jonas could actually be worthy
'You have grown powerful, Darth Atrox, more powerful then I could ever have hoped, and I can sense your presence from where I am situated. The time for the Sith has come, now … Go, and fulfil your destiny!’

The holographic image disappeared and Atrox was humoured. Yes, he was strong, and soon enough ... he would be strong enough to usurp his master and take the worthy title for himself! And speaking of being worthy, what would this Exile, be worthy of if he killed Revan? He did not know, nor did he care, for it would be him who would be deciding whether he would be worthy enough to live or to die.

He sat down, in the pilots chair, and entered the co-ordinates, to which he was meant to go, and took off into the night sky and out into space … Where he entered Hyperspace, to … as his master had said, fulfil his destiny.

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