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TSLPatcher v1.2.8b6 uploaded...

I have just uploaded version 1.2.8b6 of TSLPatcher. While I had originally intended to update ChangeEdit as well to handle all the new settings and keys added, a fairly serious bug was discovered that this version fixes. I thought it more important to get the bug-fix version out first, even if it doesn't quite include all I had planned.

The next version, which hopefully will be released within a few weeks, should contain an updated ChangeEdit as well, so this can be considered a bugfix-version primarily. (Unless you enjoy editing INI config file by hand. If that's the case, ask and I'll describe in more detail how the new keys are used. )

Anyway, these things are new or changed in version 1.2.8b6:
  • Fixed bug where the Backup folder might not yet have been created when backing up files from the Install List, after the list was moved to earlier in the install sequence.

  • Added a progress bar to the main TSLPatcher window to give the user a better idea of how far along the installation progress is when installing larger mods.

  • Fixed word wrap bug when toggling between the Configuration Summary display and the mod information text in the main TSLPatcher window.

  • Added the HackList modifiers to the Configuration Summary display. Also added name of source file if different from the destination file name (configured with the !SourceFile and !SaveAs keys).

  • Added an optional !OverrideType key to the [filename] sections of files to be saved into ERF or RIM files. If set it can determine how TSLPatcher should react if a file with the same name already exists in the override folder (and thus would make the game not use the one in the ERF/RIM). This key can hold one of three values: ignore (default behavior, do nothing special), warn (post a warning in the progress log) or rename (add a old_ prefix to the name of the file in the override folder to deactivate it).

  • Added an optional !DefaultDestination key to the [CompileList] section which will determine where the NCS files should be put if no specific destination has been set. Default value if the key is left out is the override folder as before. In addition to override it can be set the the relative path (from the game folder) and name of an ERF or RIM file to insert the scripts into. This value can then be overridden with the !Destination key for individual files as before. This key is just a timesaver to avoid having to set !Destination keys for lots of files if most of them shouldn't be put in the override folder.

  • Optimized speed and efficiency of storing many recompiled NCS files into an ERF or RIM file. Before the ERF/RIM was saved, closed and reopened between each file that was inserted, now it's kept open until another destination is encountered. Thus if you insert scripts into multiple ERF/RIM files it's a good idea to keep them grouped by destination in the [CompileList] modifier list.

  • Added optional !SourceFile and !SourceFileF keys to the [TLKList] section. If present they can be used to set an alternative name of the TLK file to use to add strings into dialog.tlk from. If those keys are left out the default values are append.tlk and appendf.tlk, as before. This can be used to have different namespaces/setup lists residing in the same folder but using different append.tlk files (for example to provide different selectable language versions of a mod).

  • Fixed bug with TLK file handling that prevented TSLPatcher from properly handling individual TLK entries with strings longer than 4096 characters. It can now handle strings of any size properly.

  • Moved most text strings in the TSLPatcher application into the Resource StringTable instead of having them in the code. While this makes the application marginally larger it makes it easier to translate it to other languages, if so desired, by using a resource editor.

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