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Jar Jar vs. Amidala

Ok, the question that we all want to know! And the movies never covered it!

Who would win in a brawl?

I think Amidala would win cause she is pretty, and Jar Jar would go all soft and just be too nice. Than Amidala would cheat and grap a pistol because since she is the leader of the good team, no one would care if she cheated.
And she would just start trying to kill him with her little pistol. Man I hate when your house's electricty flickers off so all the clocks are reset! Thank god for backup computer batteries. And amidala would eventually shoot jar jar enough that he DIES! yeh! and everyone claps and laughs. But the gungans attack to avenge jar jar(even though they think he is an idiot!). but the good guys have far more fancy stuff, so they just set up turrets that kill the gungans as they come running in! Than they clap and laugh some more.

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