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Raze anxiously tapped her fingers on the console. "What's taking them so long?" she said outloud. She tuned the comlink to the landing control channel, then turned on the ship's long range scanners and began to scan the surrounding area for any signs of Vanir and the others.

....fimative, Vexus I," Raze heard the controller say on the comm. "Approach on vector 168..."

Vexus I? Raze frowned a bit as the name of the approaching ship sounded familiar. She quickly tapped the name into the ship's computer index.

" landing pad C2-4."

"Confirmed," a very polite voice answered the controller. "Landing pad C2-4. We have it in sight.'"

Raze frowned. C2-4? That was their landing pad.

"Crap," she said. The information she had requested scrolled up onto the screen. "Double crap," she said as she realised who Vexus I belonged to and where she had heard the name before. "Kriffin' Jedi," she muttered. She hit the com button. "Mr. Logan, I hope those engines are in tip top condition, 'cause we got to go. Now." She switched channels. "Seth? Get back in the ship. I'm closing the ramp. We're taking off."

Raze knew that Vanir and K'Nala wouldn't be pleased about her decision. But they would be even less pleased if the Carnage got boarded by a Jedi strike team. She would just have to pick them up later.

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