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Chapter IV - The Plot Thickens

((I'll only fill in the blanks of the RP, so no actual conversation here ))

The negotiators were gone and so the Dominion had quite free hands on their ship. A large group of engineers slipped inside and rigged the ship with heavy explosives, the main switch hidden inside a small locker. Only a minute later that the engineers hurried off, the quite angry and disappointed group of jedi and senators marched out of the palace and inside the ship to hurry off back to Coruscant. Immediately afterwards, the full mobilization of the Dominion armed Forces began and the shuttle of the negotiators left off.

An old weequay sat on the edge of a building, his hovercar just next to him waiting for going off to the second part of the mission. As the shuttle started landing, it suddenly stayed to hover and the people inside evacuated onto the platform where they would be picked up by a hoverbus. Emukiel looked throught his macrobinoculars and shook his head before reporting in to his superiors on Tibrin before leaving off for the Jedi Temple to meet and kill the Council, but he would drive aroud first to make sure that everything was ready for him to go in and break up the Jedi Order into Chaos.

The time was right a moment later. The Jedi left swiftly to the temple. arriving just as an argument was starting between the jedi on what they shoud do. He walked to the center and unleashed the doubt in their hearts by claiming that the ith Hunters had never done anything for the Jedi Order and why should they start now after hundreds of years of hiding like cowards when the Jedi Order needed them. It was enought to tempt the young girl closer to the dark side and she openly let in the pictures of her friend in danger, which would finally make her fall. The Sith Hunters were sent off and away from the Jedi Order and the girl later known as Charna left for her friend, giving the chamber peace before Emukiel lunged out with his lightsabers, slicing and dicing throught the Jedi Masters before leaving for Tibrin to meet his Lord for further instructions.

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