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Dear great modders,

Please bear with me for this newbie question as I just started on KotOR1 recently. It's the same problem regarding mods not being able to work...

I'm currently (and I've saved a game) on Dantooine, just shortly after returning the stowaway to the Twi'lek. And I recently downloaded Cate Kroft's "silver crystal", "new color crystals" and "all compatible" mods. After following Cate's instructions to the dot, I still couldn't get it working.

Cate had written down that the various crystals could be obtained via the Dantooine merchant and on Nemo's body. But when I loaded up my saved game (as mentioned above), I don't see anything at all.

Am I missing something here? Do I have to 'enable cheats' in order to get mods to work? Any help and advice is greatly appreciated! Many thanks and I look forward to your replies!

Best regards,
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