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I had an extra line in my previous quote that may have distracted from the statement I was questioning.

You believe Twyna may not be fit to become a Jedi Knight because she hasn't dealt with her anger and found inner peace, correct?

I see many similiarities between Twyna's current stage of development and Anakin Skywalker's. After all as a padawan he only slaughtered an entire tribe of Tuskens, including women and children, because they killed his mother. Of course none of the other Jedi knew of his action but as far as we know Twyna hasn't done anything along those lines so I see her and Anakin in much the same light. Anakin went on to become a Jedi and there isn't any reason to think that Twyna is any less prepared than Anakin was.

And where do you see signs of evil in Twyna?

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