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Dear Darth333 and RedHawke,

Oh dear. Does this mean in order for me to work Cate's mods I got to have a savegame whereby I JUST arrived at Dantooine and haven't yet gone on trial to become a Jedi?

Sorry about the question, but I don't quite understand the meaning when you say 'module'.

I'm now interpretating it as a savegame (be it whether I finished Dantooine, or as in my case I've completed it) OUTSIDE the merchant's shop or OUTSIDE the Dantooine Starmap cave (whereby Nemo's body is found). If my above interpretation is correct, then that is what I've been doing all along but to no avail when I approached the merchant or Nemo's body.

Unless you guys are telling me that I must NOT complete Dantooine, as in my very first concern, in order for the mods to work.

Best regards,
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