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I'm saddened that so few are keeping any interest on Supreme Commander. It will finally be a true real time STRATEGY game, not the tactical stuff that WC3 made popular.

Medieval 2 I am looking forward to, but that is not an RTS, it is a Turn Based Strategy game with a few RTS elements thrown in, and those aren't as good as its TBS part. I hated the morale issue of R:TW. Roman Soldiers did not run away while they were anywhere near the italian penisula, otherwise they would never be able to show their faces near anybody who had anything to do with Rome. Morale buckled under far too easily, even for the Gaul. They would fight to the last man, regardless of who was coming at them, because of their fierce pride of their country, and similarly the romans. Meh. I hope M:TW2 fixes a bit of that problem.

SupCom is definitely going to be the RTS to get, I just hope it doesn't suffer the fate that TA did: IE not very many people knew about it, but it was way better than the alternatives, including CNC and StarCraft.

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