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{FIN} The Way of Darth Vorges

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Star Wars: The Ways of Darth Vorges

30 years after the War of the Dead (DS ENDING), Darth Grivis has had a son named Darth Vorges. His wife Darth Xina had died 5 years ago after a hidden jedi force had attacked. The jedi had gone back into hiding after the attack and then attacked again. Darth Krayt had been captured in the fight. Darth Vorges and Darth Grivis were about to go on a mission to save him. Though Darth Vorges was young his power was greater then even Grivis. He also surpassed Darth Krayt and Krayt’s apprentice Darth Jasced. Jasced had been away on his first mission alone when Krayt had been captured. He promised Grivis he would meet them on Kessel which was suspected to be the base of the last of the jedi. But Grivis and Vorges were still worried. The day was here they would leave now.

The ship called the Vorgun owned by Darth Vorges flew off toward Kessel, preparing to enter hyperspace.

“Power the hyperdrive.” Grivis yelled at his son.

“I am.” Vorges yelled back angrily.

“Good.” Grivis yelled back to him, teasing him.

Anger flared through him again. He decided to skip the power up he hit the button lunging them into hyperspace.

“No.” Grivis yelled as they jumped but it had been too late in the middle of the jump the ship burst into flames.

Jasced ran through the harsh lands on Kessel going to the landing platform. A ship had come out of hyperspace in flames. By the faint descriptions given to him it might be The Vorgun. If so the mission was a early failure, and that would probably mean Grivis and Vorges were dead. Jasced jumped on the landing platform and ran to the burning flames. With one look he could tell that the ship was indeed Vorges’s ship. His face paled as white as snow.

Grivis moaned as he woke from unconsciousness. He got up aching all over, he saw his son laying on the floor. He looked away and cut a whole in the ship and got out. He used the force to wake his son and order him to get out of the ship. Vorges emerged from the ship and stepped out, only to fall back down. Grivis felt a disturbance and suddenly from a horrified look on Jasced’s face he knew he felt it too. The ship exploded sending Vorges flying through the air. Grivis leaped up after his son. He flipped down feeling the wind flying past him. He landed beside his son and immediately tried to check his pulse. But Vorges arose before his hand even touched him. Grivis saw the blazing anger in his eyes. Puzzled Grivis watched Vorges activate his lava red saber. The sabers crystal was a gift from him to his son, it was very rare. Shocked Grivis reached for his normal blood red saber thinking that his son would attack him. But Vorges plunged his saber into the ground and peeled back invisible metal. Grivis saw the jedi and Krayt there sabers activated.

Shocked Vorges, Grivis, and Jasced looked at the green saber in Krayt’s hand. He had joined the jedi.

“No” Krayt said quickly.

Grivis looked at him doubtfully.

“I’m tricking the jedi, after they kidnapped me. We made a deal, I was going to betray them.”

Grivis detected fear in Krayt’s voice. Vorges raised his saber.

“But isn’t that the sith way. Trick the jedi to make chaos?” Krayt made the statement hopefully.

Vorges looked into his eyes and brought down the saber. But Krayt was ready; a jedi had snuck up on them. Grivis moved to fight the jedi, Krayt had betrayed us was his thought as the sabers clashed and locked.

Vorges had moved into a new battle stand near the middle of the battle. He blocked Jacen’s moves easily; he hit the armor on his arm, making the saber go flying as his arm flinched uncontrollably. The saber flew into the chest of Jasced make him fall. Stunned Jacen stood shocked at his dead apprentice. Vorges put his saber up to Jacen’s neck.

“Oh yeah Jacen…Your question earlier….” Vorges said. “It might be the sith way, but not mine.”

He thrust is saber through Jacen’s neck killing him. Grivis walked to his son, not even glancing at the dead Jasced.

“You have done well Vorges.” He started. “I am making you a sith master.”

“Thank you…father.”

One day, Vorges vowed to him self I will make a new sith way. Known as the Way of Vorges.

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