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Originally Posted by Manny C
no but more light is shed on her trial in the holovid of the exile's trial, they mention her and her teachings, which would insinuate that she was not tried until the exile was tried, which was after malachor V, and after the end of the Mandalorian Wars.
She could not have been trailed after the Mandalorian Wars, because Master Kavar says to Kreia on Dantooine "I thought you died in the Mandalorian Wars." Look, this is just my opinion, but to me, I think Kreia is definitely Kae.

I donít feel like typing a mammoth post explaining why I think Kreia is Kae today, but I will some other day, perhaps tomorrow. All Iíll say at this stage is that it cannot be proven either way if Kreia is or isnít Kae, but Iím convinced that she is. Nothing has come up which has convinced me otherwise so far.

By the way I agree with Jediphile, I can actually see the resemblance between Kreia and the Handmaiden. I think they do look alike; just try to imagine Kreia without wrinkles and those weird eyes.
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