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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
...However in every instance in the history of the games.. the DS never corrupted ones appearance with "aging". Full-blown DS transitions (even Kreia's or Palpatine's if we stretch into the movies) has always been represented by 'veiny, pale, undeath-like' features.. but not one wrinkle in the whole lot. Palpy was already an old fart when he got all uglified

Why would Kreia's transitions be any different?
I defer to the only person onboard the Ebon Hawk who knew Kreia before the fall, Mical:

Mical: I know you - not even the markings of the dark side can hide it. Why have you done this?

I think that's a pretty strong endorsement from Mical, that the dark side has sufficiently haggered Kreia's face enough to make her appear even older than she is.

I too believe that Kae and Kreia were the same person, and obsidian was just playing it subtle to avoid fans critiszim for the whole "Luke, I am your father!" bit. That's what I like about the whole conspiracy, it's subtle, like everything Kreia does.
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