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Originally Posted by reven0123
all i was doing was pointing out a fact that is in the game if you lisiten and pay attention to the story which can be difficult at times you will realise the kreia and the handmaidens mother are two completely different people and not one and the same
But it's precisely listening closely and paying attention to details that has led me to conclude that Kreia may indeed be Arren Kae. Note that I say "may", because there is no conclusive evidence, though there is circumstantial evidence to suggest it (many similarities between Kae and Kreia).

But neither is there anything that proves Kreia is not Kae. I've participated in this topic before, and nobody has been able to completely confirm or completely reject the idea. And we have looked VERY closely. I'm not the only one thinking Kreia may be Kae either, and was initially against it myself on the same basis that most who don't like the idea are, which seems to me to be primarily on a basis of shock and disgust. Which is fine as far as opinions go. But it neither proves nor disproves anything.

Evidence would seem to come from observations in the game's plot, events, and dialogue, regardless of whether we like their consequences or not. And I have yet to see an observation that indisputably established that Kreia cannot be Kae, especially when we consider that most of the information on the topic comes from Kreia herself, who is clearly trying to hide her identity, most obviously from the Disciple.

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