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Plot bunnies. How I hate them! Earlier today, reading the original versions of the fairy tales we've all known and loved (you know, where Cinderella's stepsisters cut off their toes so their shoes would fit into the glass slippers and Snow White's mother was in the end forced to dance herself to death in red-hot iron shoes?) I was hit by a plot bunny. Basically, it would be about Raz and Lili reuniting after a long time for a mission. They're still friends, but being near each other raises akward silences. A mischevious and evidently a little dense child a little over 10 used a psi-portal to enter a madwoman's mind, and is now lost inside, unable to leave (unarmed, no smelling salts or anything). Thus, their body is in a vegetative state while their psyche wanders. The Psychonauts are going through a rough patch at the moment, and can't afford any bad pubilicity, and the child's parent have given them 48 hours to retrieve their son or daghter back safely before they press charges and cause a publicized scandal. In what can basically be called blackmail, the parents demand that only Raz and Lili will suffice even though other agents are perfectly capable. At this point in time, the two are older, I'm thinking 16-17. To keep the affair private, the two are pulled from their vacations and flown to the scene. Though not willing to speak, the two must go into the womans' mind and bring the child's psyche along with them, seeing as they plan to find her and awaken her with smelling salts. yet they've underestimated the complexity of this woman's mind. Her mind is a disturbing world with a morbid and dark take on fairytales, conveying her romantic, idealized notions of what she wants sharply contrasting with the harsh and unfair realities of what is she cant accept. It's a land of narrators, far-far-aways, beautiful princesses and evil witches - but really screwed up.
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