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Yeah, but I know I should be workin on revamping EI ... still, it would be fun. I mean, havn't you read the original fairytales? They are pretty gruesome, for example: Cinderella's stepsister got their eyes pecked out by birds. Did I mention that already? Probably, oh well. It would still be awesome. Also ... Ariel from the Little Mermaid (original) died. And there was something about her walking on knifes. Not sure ... My only troubles are choosing the fairy tales to warp and how exactly. I want each 'protaganist' from the respective story to represent some part of the madwoman. Her 'Cinderella' might represent her laziness for example. I would have 'Cinderella' actually being well off, but too lazy and insensitive to know it. And she'd be an airheaded bimbo too. I'll probably have her kill off her sisters in order to win the prince ... yeah, somethine like that. I can never see true evil or good in a story. The bad guys gotta have some humanity and pity in them, while the good guys gotta be enticed to sin and do wrong. That, and I just relish the idea of people squriming as they read about their favorite characters being absolutely twisted into something sinister. Like how I like to point out that prominent religious figures were never blond or brown-haired, but looked ((gasp)) middle-eastern.
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