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Coolest Skin Ever!

Well Now that i got your attention!! I was wondering if someone could help me with the coolest skin EVER!!!
I was wondering if there is someone who can make skins to make a skin for Helljumpers from the other 1st person shooter game "halo 2".
HTML Code:
and if you could make a master cheif, elites, marines, andy of that would be wicked!!!!
Or you could give me links to programs i would need to make my own custom skins....But that would mean I would be geting most of the credit for the coolest skin ever! So whats it gonna be! You getting the credit or ME?

P.S. I am also having troubles downloading the mods, every time i click the download button and the small window pops up to give me the download it takes a minute or two and then sais "This Page Cannot Be Displayed"
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