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Ywah, I'll keep that in mind. But I think I wont work on either of the two very much until I finish up this one story for another fandom (only 3 or so chapters to go, so I might as well finish it as soon as I can), and close up A Summer of Psychics. I have part two of 'Love Hurts Real Bad', and maybe two more chapters after that before it's done. The art can be done up later, and shouldn't take so long (i'm only doing 3, and just choice scenes), and formatting my FF profile so the page is searcheable; shouldn't take that long if I just do the bios for my stories nearing completetion for the benefit of their fans, additionals can always be added later.

Either way, the rampant plot bunny (I shall refer to it from now on under the guise of 'Happily Ever After') shouldn't be very long. The plot is not harrowing or complex, just the two plunging into the woman's mind, and somehow be unable to leave (gotta figure that part out still) and thus try to help the woman out so she will give them some sort of exit from her psyche. Each chapter would sorta be self-contained and focus on 1 tale, and from all the mulling I've done about it, the two (and maybe the kid later on) try to secure a happy ending for it by whatever means neccesary ... thus more chances for morbidity. See it like that, and you can tell that it should be less than 10 (hopefully less than 6) chapters. As soon as I finish with that, I think I will resume EI.

Just one problem: what fairy-tales to use? The only one I can be sure of is Little Red Riding Hood (tons o' possibilities with that), but others I'm not so sure of. I need tales that are well known and hopefully give you a fuzzy feeling inside -- so they give you a shock when ou see them in a darker light. Any suggestions?
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