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"Anyways, is he ready?" Uriel asked to a servant.

"Not yet my Lord, but he's almost." A servant told him.

"Take me to him then," Uriel demanded. The servant nodded and started walking through halls, and finally reached a door. He opened it with his passcard, and inside where about three engineers and something stuck on a metal board : the remains of N.K. Necrosis, who was made of the remains of General Grievous, being attached and armoured to a half-dead Kaleesh.

"Hmm, so this is him?"

"Yes my Lord."

The metal board was soon raised, and the now armoured Kaleesh was released.

"Where am i?"

"Patience, dear Komynia jai Sheelal. Although, henceforth, you shall be known as General Pavidus, the offspring of General Grievous and N.K. Necrosis."

Komynia was confused. He knew nothing of what was about. He grabbed four lightsabers, and split his arms in two. He ignited them, all of them with a red blade, and he struck down the engineers who made him.

" Lord." The newly-christened General Pavidus said.
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