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-Capital Ships-

Well.. i was looking at the Capital ships from all Factions.. And i noticed That the StarDestroyer Really gets the end of the stick..

Stardestroyer - Tractor beam
Kedalba - Shield leech
Agressor - Proton blast/ Ion Blast
Mon Calamari Cruiser - Boost shields..

I will start with the ISD

The ISD has a Tractor beam that's only effictive against Smaller Ships ( no Capital) And it does no Damage , + The Rebel Corvette can just boost Engines to get out..

Then there are people who say ; ''Yeah but The ISD gets a Whole Compliment of Fighters..'' , Okay i can understand Partially what u mean.. But if u place a Corvette or 2 Right next to ure Cap ship .. the Bombers wont even Come close..

Kedalba..- Not much to say here.. Seems better then the ISD, as the Shield leech ability makes u able to Drain shields.. and Get more Firepower at the same time..

Agressor - about this thing im Worried.. The First shot Immobilizes ( No escape ) , The 2nd Shot.. Kills smaller ships Entirely , and Destroys Hardpoints at bigger ships.. Seems very deadly!

Mon Calamari Cruiser - No Shield generator as Hard Point?. A big advantage for the Mon calamari Cruiser. The Boost shield power is good for when u are getting Overwhelmed and want to make it to a Safe distance.

Of course the Empire gets the SSD.. but it will Cost a Lot of Money , And how will the Empire be able to keep the Enemy ships at bay until the SSD is ready to be used..+ Not to mention the New mon Calamari Frigates.. Which will probably rip Right through Victory Sd's

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