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ISD - As you said the main ability of our belowed symbol of the empire are TIE's so i think they will get upgraded (Tie interceptors) ... i remember when i played my modded demo those TIE were kicking.. me like hmm so that proglem out.

Kedalba - We don't konw much only that it leaches shields so i have a small teory it won't be super strong so using it with oter coruption unit will make it succesfull to operate corvets for def Frigates for extra fire power..

Agressor - (My favorite) Ok Agressors will be slow and lightl defended from the back, it will function primary as an artilery unit and will require coperation from coruption forces like Kedalba

Mon Calamari Cruiser - Mon's hmm ... hmmm get it separated from the main force and attack them with ion cannons (Tie defenders ability or our Agressor) they have a not so stron armor so the will be eaisly destroyed when thier shields will be down.
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