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ISD will get Tie Interceptors i guess.. Although Tie Interceptors are better, They are still Cannon Fodder for a few Corvettes...Tie defenders on the Other hand.. ( Aren't these only Garrisoned by a Few: SSD,Piet,Thrawn?)

I think , 2 Kedalba Class Capital Ships ,And 1 Agressor Class Capital Ship. Will be very effictive... While the Kedalba's Eat away at the shields, The Agressor will blow Away massive chunks

I still think Mon Calamari should been given 1 Shield Generator * or 2 , Which is Stated in Some Mon Calamari Schematics*

I also doubt that the Agressor will be Lightly Armored, As Mentioned by one of the Devs ... the Consortium has Expensive ships.. But ooohh they pack a Big punch

Long live the Empire!
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