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Originally posted by Itspink:
the chicken came first
Then how did the egg come about?

she sells sea shells on the sea shore. the shells she sells are sea shells
i'm sure.
But you didn't answer my question...

life has no meaning but the meaning you give it
That's a cop-out answer

s'il vous plait mon sieur, peux je n'avoir encore?

entschuldigung der herr, kann ich mehr haben?

per favore signore, posso averne ancora?

por favor senor, puedo tener un poco mas?

sumimasen, moo chotto kudasai

ah juh shi, duh jew seh yo

lao jia (xian sheng), qing gei wo zai ji ge

agrade o senhor, eu posso ter um pouco mais?

isvinite gospodin, mozno imet eso malo?
Um.. Looks okay, mostly. A bit strange on some of your grammar, but I suspect you used something like BabelFish to do your dirty work.

nobody is a witch
I don't think the witches would agree with you...

yes, there is life outside of earth
Have you any proof?

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.
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