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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
What the title says, and there wasn't a thread about this already. Do you think the Exile is best as a man or a woman?

I play a LSF Revan, and can go on for pages about why that was, IMO the best story for Knights 1.

For Knights 2? Darksider Male - all the way.

First of all, Brianna had the closest thing anyone got to a full-blown story arc. She starts off the weakest, the shunned and despised product of an affair that destroyed both parents. And when she returns, she is the herald of doom for those who were stronger than her before. Mical, as great as he is for game mechanics, does not have that arc in his favor.

Second, Atris's jealousy and bitterness. OK, you could go for a Juhani and wonder if a female Exile could provoke the same reaction, but it makes more sense for her to get very bitter over someone she loved choosing Revan over her. Especially if you factor in how she could never say or do anything about her feelings to begin with because of the Order and her dogmatic approach.

Third, Kreia's speech about whether Visas's scars would "excitre" the Exile. That has to be the most freaking creepy thing I've ever heard in a game.

Fourth, Sion "loving" a female Exile makes little sense, but a couple guys jockying for power does - especially given Sion's approach to anything.

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