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*Under the shadow, the area is half-obscured by mist, and insect noises fill the air. Though the mist obscures most of the sunlight past the shadow line, there are patches of ambient illumination that allow some kind of visibility. The ground is muddy with shallow pools of water scattered here and there. Plants are everywhere.

Guy: I think I know where we---

*A mass of green rises around Guy and Raschel, and the two disappear into a tangled mass of plant.

Simultaneously, the air fills with a volley of barbed darts that whisk through the air from the undergrowth, aimed completely indiscriminately.

Ahead of the group, Sir-vinís foot abruptly sticks to the ground and refuses to come loose. A vine is underneath his trapped foot. Immediately more vines curl towards him.

The ground under Elaina and Idona collapses. The two fall and land with a splash about ten feet down, two feet of which is a viscous, sticky liquid which instantly begins solidifying like glue.

A ghostly flying form that seems to be made half out of mist sweeps out of the undergrowth towards Orthos, Gortick and Ellela*

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