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Yeah, I definately agree about LS revan, the characters and story are written in a far more linear way, the characters are good people, and that doesn't really change. Personally I think Revan should be male, i don't really know why, partly because I'm male i guess and I can relate to a male protagonist better, also because of how unconvincing Carth's romance seems, but it just seems to fit better.

The second game's storyline is far more non-linear as you were saying about the wavering characters, so I think both LS and DS fit well in the second game, also male and female both work well for the exile for different reasons, although i normally go male simply because handmaiden is a far more interesting character than mical, who seems like a bit of a dropkick, also Kreia's obsession with the exile could be partly inspired by attraction (yes i suppose kreia could be a lesbian but i doubt it).

as for the cutting away from the kiddies getting chopped, I thought the way he did it was great. Remember, the movie is still for all ages, even though it is darker than the others, showing him chopping them to bits would not be a good decision in terms of the reputation of the movie, the fact that he killed them at all is enough.
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