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Wow, Broccoli Man is so hot.

And yes, how can you not notice the chemistry between Carl and Lenny?

ex.1) All the lights have gone out in Springfield, everyone is seeing all the stars for the 1st time. Looking up, Carl see's the stars form a picture of himself, what[who] he cares about most. Lenny looks up an see's an image of Carl too. (Cletus see's cents, Burns dollars signs, so on and so forth)

ex.2) Carl and Lenny are at a ball-game, a player and his Starlett wife reconciling their problems with a steamy kiss. Lenny then says, "Remember when we used to kiss like that? - With our respective girlfriends?"

ex.3) Lenny and Homer have run off from their problems in Springfield to work in Springfield's dangerous Oil-drilling area. The two find themselves trapped on top of a burning brig (or building, not sure). Marge comes to Homer's rescue, proving her love for him in a chopper (owned and driven by her Ex, Arty Ziph). Now saved homer yells to Lenny to climb up, but Lenny says their's no point, there's nothing for him in the helicoptor or back home. Carl then appears, rappeling down on a rope ladder and offers his had, "Dont be so sure." Lenny accepts hi hand.

ex.4) On their way to the oil-drils, Homer see's the local cactus taking on marge's form. Meanwhile, Carl looks at the mountains and see's Carl's carved in face.

ex.5) The ep where Homer marries all the homosexual couples in town. Once he's realized he's married off all the gay couples, he fears the loss of his business (couples pay 200 bucks for a wedding). He muses about prospective gay couples and says, "How 'bout Carl and Lenny?" Marge protests with a fierce, 'Now dont you push them!" is it that I know useless Simpson's trivia yet so easily forget math?
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