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Originally Posted by TheMonsterOfTheIsland
Well, you can't complain if you're lazy :-)

i'm suprised that petro is as responsive to the community as it is. A snottier company would just say, "You have the xml, fix it yourself."

I remember little about programming from my class and even I can beef up a star destroyer lol!
Champ, I for one have done no programming in my life and I know there are others who fiddle with XMLs etc quite proficiently too with equally little formal training. God bless XML's and to Petro using them.

As for the cap ships, I agree the ISDs should be the lords of space they are meant to be BUT the devs have tried to make something of a balance without the pirates/rebs needing an armada of ships just to take on one ISD. I dont think any one pirate ship should be able to match an ISD, the empire would not allow such a theat to emerge, but the pirates stuff will have some weakness themselves, we just havent played with them enough yet.
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