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Originally Posted by Valter
I could just send a link to Wookiepedia but I just happen to be in a storytelling mood.

IG-88 was an assassin droid... but he was destroyed mere seconds before he could send the order when the death star was destroyed.
Hey Valter does it say on Wooki the source of this story? This version sounds typically sensationalist like alot of EU stuff. IG-88 cant just break his bonds he has to nearly achieve galactic domination...c'mon. In one of SWRPG sourcebooks it had a cool background, and much more tame where IG-88 was one of about 7 assassin droids who escaped. Most were destroyed but IG-88 was good enough to elude destruction and took up bounty hunting. There was also a short story where he intercepted Boba as he approached tatooine and tried to capture him to steal solo from him and get the bounty for himself, however Fett was too good and destroyed IG-88 in IG-2000.

Im interested to read the story about IG and his uprising but I could not see the Empire tolerating IG or doing business with him if he was such a threat; and the idea of one central computer controlling the whole DS2 is pretty ludicrous. It'd have to be some CPU! I doubt even an advanced droid could handle such processing ability. Still worth a read...IG is cool. Good to see he makes an appearance.

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