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Smile Question about Single Player Modeling

I have a question about taking a playermodel, & putting it into Single Player.
I am using A program called Pakscape I got from Jedi Knight 2 files, it allows me to open Pk3 files in the assets1 in base folder, & the actually player model
(for example hs_anakin). What I am doing to add it is I am putting the player model folder(exampe model/players/hs_anakin) in the model/players folder in the assets1 where all the other models are kept, such as kyle & tavion player models, I am putting this files in on it own, I am not overidding a model such as kyle & replacing it with the playermodel that I am trying to put into single player. Anyway, I save the data & startup the game A put in playermodel & my models nam(ex. hs_anakin). My issue is that when I put in the name for the player model it will load the "default" player model as my character. However say I want to load a version with a cloak or sith eyes(example hs_anakin/hooded), it will not load, console will say not found. I have checked the model/player folders & the path I put in to get those versions of the player model are correct. I just need to know if I am missing something or if it's even possible. Sorry If I am not making much sense, I know next to nothing about computers, or even more so modding. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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