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Yay, Simpson junkies unite! All we need are power-up rings ...

And of course Smither's is gay, but he has bad taste. Homer has hinted at being bi a few time. The one ep. where he moves in with gay roommates ("Wait, are you guys those guys that like guys?"-Homer) and is torn about Marge hating hm. Right before he runs off to meet her and make ammends, one roommate tries to console him saying that maybe they aren't meant to be, then kisses him. Homer runs off. After an alcohol poisoning stint, he and Marge make up with a kiss. He says, "thats the best kiss ;ve had all night" hen secretly thinks 'or was it?' When marge asks him what he's thinking he replies, "MANLY thoughts!"

But Carl and Lenny ... it's hinted at, and those who aren't observant wont get the hints. Makes me wonders if there's CarlXLenny slash floating around on FF *shivers*
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