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Originally Posted by windu6
It seem like this society of the world today has gotten soft since WW II, people today keep believing today that diplomatic solutions is going to work with every dictator.
Well, that IS the whole reason that the US was created.
But even in WW2 people tried diplomatic solutions. Almost all the european nations tried treaties and appeasment with the nazis.. and the US sat around not getting involved for 3 or 4 years... so i don't think things have changed as much as you think.

N.Korea and Iran have been collaborating on nuclear weapons research, so if NK truely does have them then Iran will do shortly.

Personally i'm undecided on whether they really have them, or they are trying a Saddam style bluff to try and stop the US moving against them.


I think your wrong on sanctions though.. NK is in a terrible economic state, its basically supported entirely by china. That means china has immense leverage over NK. If china cut off all aid then i'd imagine the country would collapse pretty sharpish.

Now that we are all friendly with china, THIS is their chance to improve their image with the world.

Thoguh since the UK and US have been selling nuclear tech to all these countries I'm a bit confused about why we are now upset that they are using it.


I also think a war with north korea would be a lot different to a war with iraq.

Iraq had an army of about 400,000.
NK has one of over 1million. (plus enough reservists that their army is actually theoretically about double the size of the US)

Iraq didn't have any WMDs because we made them destroy them.
NK definately has WMDs.

We knew a lot about the iraqi situation due to lots of cia involvement, no fly zones, weapons inspectors (and their cia spies), etc...
We know very little about NK due to it being such a closed country.

The iraqi population had a lot more access to external media, and saddam was already in a weak position of power and likely to fall. This made it easy for the cia to convince a lot of his troops not to fight.
The north korean population is poor and hungry, but they have no access to external media and won't be easy for the cia to influence. there is no evidence that KJI is about to fall. They will probably actually fight.

Iraq was an easy war, followed by a long insurgency. Korea on the other hand i'd imagine being a very hard, costly war - but probably with less long term problems IF we won.

The only real way to try and beat NK without HUGE casualties on our side would be to use long range weapons to try and take out all their military... and that is gonna cause huge civilian casualties, and pretty swiftly get the population behind KJI.

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