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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
The two biggest problems with Iraq was the way the war was fought and the controversy surrounding it. Bush may like the tanks and planes but that's not the way war is fought anymore. The insurgents proved this when they kicked the Coalition's ass. And the controversy ranges from defying the UN to those Abu Gharib butchers to doubts and hypocracy over weapons of mass destruction.
The insurgents may be a pain in the arse, but they certainly have not kicked the Coalition's arse. We have not surrendered or retreated. War is messy and is not a neat and clean package like it's portrayed in history books. There'll likely continue to be skirmishes for some time, but that doesn't mean we've lost the war.

Abu Ghraib--'butchers' implies to me 'killers'. There was torture, to be sure, and plenty of just really stupid crap going on there, but there was no evidence of mass murder to my knowledge.

WMDs--hard to tell on that. Since Saddam used nerve gas on the Kurds in the past, I imagine he's got something squirreled away somewhere. It's a big country to search. I don't think Powell would have put his reputation on the line to lie for Bush--I think they actually thought something more was there and they got a bunch of bad intel.

The point is moot, though. We're there now, and we need to finish the job stabilizing the country so the Iraqis can make the transition without having their fledgling government flushed down the toilet by a nasty little civil war. We made a mess, we need to accept the responsibility for it and finish the job of cleaning it up now.

North Korea--I'm still waiting to hear if it was a real blast, too, though with the zillion satellites we and other countries likely have trained on NK, I don't think we'll have to wait too long for an answer. Neither possibility would surprise me because of how unstable Kim is.
On a tangent, I was almost surprised that Venezuela condemned the test.

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