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Originally Posted by CaptainWhyNot
Is there currently, or is there a plan to add soon, a function in TSLPatcher to insert a reply or entry into a pre-existing list of others in a DLG file (such that the new entry/reply appears at a certain location causing any and all pre-existing ones to be shoved down, instead of just adding one to the bottom of the list)?
It currently always puts new fields at the end of the Lists/Structs when adding new fields to a GFF file. It can perhaps currently be accomplished by some convoluted use of tokens to shuffle the list, but I'm not sure if all the required functionality for that is there since I haven't looked into it.

I suppose I could add it to the todo-list to be able to insert were in a list new structs are inserted, if I can think of a way to specify the list index in the config INI file. It'd have to fall back to inserting it last if the specified listindex is invalid though, to be safe.

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