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I agree with jedi Jim. I hate having to tip toe around with an ISD. Windu, ur right an ISD should be able to take on a fleet of lesser ships and criminals getting their hands on the the best tech i disagree with but as Jim and I said, there needs to be a balance for the game. PG has give the ZC a bit of colour, made them interesting and given them cool stuff. If PG made the ZC a merely expanded pirate faction who needed to field a huge number of second rate pirate craft, old dreadnoughts etc they wouldnt have the same appeal. As much of a stickler for accuracy and canon im just going to have to do what i do when I watch a James Bond film; leave reality at home and enjoy the movie.

I think the ISD should get an extra 2 turbo lasers and 2 ions considering they have nearly twice as many weapons as an MC80. That would be a fair representation of its firepower. As for the tractor beam...its useless when it needs it most (battling an MC80) but its GREAT for holding onto the Falcon and destroying it quickly.

One last thing about the Executor; on IGN I saw one of its abilities is to scramble all its fighter squadrons at once! How awesome would that be! Id love to see every ISD get that.
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