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The Government of Iraq

The topic is about what the title suggests. What do you think about the government in Iraq, and are we doing it right? Is Western democracy something the people of Iraq should have, and can we prevent a civil war? Or should we just get out of there as soon as possible?

To give some opening statements for people (probably including you, my nemesis! ) I think that what we are doing in Iraq is doomed to fail, and that we might as well get ot as soon as possible for several reasons:

(1. Democracy is not a natural thing in the Middle East. It's not a traditional form of government there. Not everyone likes freedom, and on a different note, for some good reasons.

(2. History. It failed with the British. Why should it work with us?

(3. Civil war. An unavoidable event. Having the Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds all in one country is a house of cards waiting to fall over. The Muslim sects there hate each other. The Kurds, having their own language, culture and history want a country of their own. And obviously with good reason. But then there's how Turkey isn't wild about the idea of Kurdish state...

(4. More history. Civil war has happened with Iraq before. The conflict was eventually resolved, and by the people of Iraq themselves.

Because of all these factors, I think leaving is for the best. It'll collapse anyway, so we might as well save a couple thousand troops and an insane amount of money...


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