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Originally Posted by SyntheticGerbil
seniority gets you the mod position. Otherwise Quackass would be king of the internet.
I should get both then.

I should be a mod because everyone else wants to be and I secretly do too, plus I've been here a pretty freaking long time, despite the fact I dont always post. And I dont care what you do or say, unless its directed at me, just like a real life cop!

And I've been on the internet since Prodigy and AOL were still both in DOS and looked nothing like the internet as we see and know it today.

So BAM, I want to be a mod here, and King of the Internet.

Notice how I capitalized King of the Internet? Thats because it's an important title.

Like God, or Satan.

So um, yeah, Jake, whats the hold up?

*stares at status on forums until it changes to Mod or King of the Internet*
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