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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
To say they were beaten is going a bit far. No question they were humbled and gives further fuel to the debate that Iraq's another Vietnam.
My perspective comes from being a. a military wife and b. a history major (among other things) as an undergrad, so bear with me a bit....

We have a mop-up job to do in terms of fighting, and I don't want to minimize soldiers' lives on any side but this is small potatoes compared to what we did the first couple weeks we were there. The major battles are done. Hussein lost decisively. We're just trying to keep the Shi'a from beating the crap out of the Sunnis in retaliation for decades of oppression.

Iraq and Vietnam are _very_ different. The reason for war is different, the ideologies driving the decisions are different, the mindset of the people, terrain, psychology, climate, strategy, tactics, regional religion, all different. Even the support of the troops is different. Iraq is just Iraq.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
The torture for fun **** perpetrated by Private England and her cohorts was exactly what I was referring to in the Abu Gharib butchery. No, there wasn't mass executions, but what they did was just as bad. It really shows how depraved they are and damages the American military as a whole.
I'm not trying to minimize that, either, because it was horrible to treat people that way. I just don't want to be inaccurate and accuse them of killing (which is what butchering is) when they did not.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
That's the real bitch of it, and it's something anti Americans can use against the war in Iraq, in that if we pull out like they want then they can say we should have fixed the situation there. The same story with whether or not to go to war with North Korea, the same with acting on terrorist plots after criticism for not being able to prevent 9/11, the ****ers make it so that no matter what is done there's criticism.
Someone's _always_ going to gripe about any war, because it's not fun. If we were in the SW universe, someone would gripe about Palpatine not being around to Force Lightning people anymore.

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