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1. Democracy is not a natural thing in the Middle East. It's not a traditional form of government there.
So? Once it wasn't a traditional form in England either, and they're a democracy now.

2. History. It failed with the British. Why should it work with us?
Previous failure does not guarantee repeated failure.

3. Civil war. An unavoidable event.
There are those who say civil war is already happening.

The Kurds, having their own language, culture and history want a country of their own. And obviously with good reason.

But then there's how Turkey isn't wild about the idea of Kurdish state...
Tough luck for them. And, may I add, it's not much of their business what the Kurds in Iraq do, except maybe fear of a "slippery slope" effect. "The Kurds in Iraq aren't oppressed anymore, teh o' noez, maybe we'll have to stop oppressing the Kurds in Turkey, too!".

I say stay in there.

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