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Hmm. Earlier while playing game it minimized for a 'found possible spyware' tralala thing. Shortly after it minimized again and screen connection went dead.

I also find it annoying now it doesn't really have a feature for temporarily disabling the program. You need to open settings and disable each module and so on. That is quite annoying with some microsoft applications, they assume you're a lowbie computer user for which thinking should be done. for example, tried to get a .reg file to a friend earlier. Couldn't do msn, it was wanking because of antivirus and file. Tried mailing to hotmail and it wouldn't allow download (even with extension renamed). Eventually uploaded it to server.

It's low resources which is nice, but with the ram I have now I think I'd even prefer a norton which is more customizable. Of course my heart lies with NOD32 and alike.

Anyways for those lowbie users this comes as great solution; all in one and seems to detect/block (too) properly.

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