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*A dark wisp flys up towards the tangled vines holding guy and raschel, it seems like it extends a long transparent pole with a faint glimmer of a long blade at the end of it, and swings it at the roots of the vines.

Sir-vin's foot squishes down.. He struggles to get loose, but he feels the vine wraping up around his ankle.*

Sir-Vin "Who was it again whom came up with this bright idea? Oh wiat, its all dark here! It's not bright at all!!"

*The darts scream right at Sir-vin, and at the right moment, Sir-vin almost instictively grabs his lightsaber, ignites it and deflects.

But he was shocked that he was able to do it... He didn't even think about it, it just happ...

He thought about his foot again, but suddenly a wisp flys by and a chuck of the ground next to him and literaly 'cut' where the vine grew that was holding him.
Sir-vin leaps from that spot and continues...*

Next the wisp flys at the ghostly form with its 'weapon' out and ready like the first time.*

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