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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Then of course if we do invade then the same people who bitch and moan about not taking action will bitch and moan because we did. To reply to Jae Onasi's point, I think people try and sabotage the government in demanding one thing then saying they don't want it or saying it should have done something else. Case in point is how there was criticism over September 11, we should have acted. So when there's information of the terrorist hijackings in London action is taken. BAM! The same critics for not taking action now criticise action being taken. Really they need to just piss off because if we had listened to them a lot of people would have died.
It is not time for politics this is a serious threat.
I am tired of hearing the two parties bitching in the government over who's fault it is, they have to deal with this nut. NOW!
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