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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
I like the sound of that!

It is befitting your title, your majesty. I've heard the tales of your wrath.
However, lately it seems your nemesis has softened your resolve.

Could it be that there is a sliver of light in the darkness that is Devon? or do you just toy with us lumnecsent light siders?

About half of the saga. The other is on Luke, and both characters are good guys in the end.
Tell me then, which character, besides the droids exists in all six feature films?
...and the force ghost of old Obi-wan in ESB and ROTJ doesn't count.

That's right Annakin.

When Star Wars first came out, it seemed obvious that Luke was the center. But as the Saga continued, it became clear that Annakin/Vader was at the center of it all.


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