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It is time to teach that ******* and his evil regime a lesson.
We did. It's called the Korean War. We killed a hundred billion North Koreans and it "taught" them absolutely nothing.

It sounds like your problem lies with the United Nations itself. A much better idea to have them clean up their corruption, speed up their procedures, and become a useful organization when it comes to handling situations of this kind.

We should let this ******* get away with it and do nothing but useless negotiations (...)
If this was the Cuban Missile Crisis, would you advocate bombing Cuba? Since "useless negotiations" don't do anything?

I say maybe it's time for us to give something. Like starting to negotiate with him. Dubya's usual cowboy-stance is what does absolutely nothing: Kim Jong-Il considers all threats challenges, so the louder Bush yells, the more nukes Kim builds.

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