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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
We did. It's called the Korean War. We killed a hundred billion North Koreans and it "taught" them absolutely nothing.
Well Dagobahn let me tell you something, to maintain peace on this planet plently of blood is going to have to be spilled in conflicts and wars.
It's fantasy to think that negotiations is always going to keep the peace now and in the future.

Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
It sounds like your problem lies with the United Nations itself. A much better idea to have them clean up their corruption, speed up their procedures, and become a useful organization when it comes to handling situations of this kind.
You mean the, ''United Coward Nations''.The UN is useless.
If a "Independence Day" scenario would to have happen our ass is grass.

Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
If this was the Cuban Missile Crisis, would you advocate bombing Cuba? Since "useless negotiations" don't do anything?
No, I will be preparing for annihilation, we was luckey back then.

Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
I say maybe it's time for us to give something. Like starting to negotiate with him. Dubya's usual cowboy-stance is what does absolutely nothing: Kim Jong-Il considers all threats challenges, so the louder Bush yells, the more nukes Kim builds.
You don't seem that worried about what this crisis will lead to.
He is a tyrant he will not agree to anything that will make him and his regime less powerful in that country.
He is also a criminal and need to be punish.

You know for example, if he was committing genocide in that country you would want the authorities to waste precious time negotiating while many people will die in that time.
He is a terrorist; he is terrorizing the world with his nuclear threats.

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